“Digging into the hardware of the Pandemic Treaty”

This dialogue meeting is part of a series of G2H2 hosted policy dialogues with Geneva Permanent missions. Find more information here: https://g2h2.org/posts/2023dialogues/

Focus on Pandemic Prevention
G2H2 Dialogue with Geneva Permanent Missions
Thursday, 12 October 2023
Geneva, International Environmental House


Pandemic prevention starts with addressing the key drivers of spillovers and other pandemic threats and a systemic understanding of One Health, one that tackles the current industrial and development models that literally destroy ecosystems. Pandemic prevention also requires  sustained universal public health systems, people centered care, social protection and fiscal justice, as expressed in numerous WHO declarations. The INB’s focus on surveillance, data sharing and “countermeasures” as the main way of prevention is largely insufficient and must be complemented with a much more comprehensive  approach. 

Introduction by Nicoletta Dentico, Society for International Development, member of G2H2
Open discussion among all participants (Chatham House Rules)