Join or set up a working group

A number of “hosted” and therefore formal G2H2 working groups have been set up and mandated by the G2H2 SC. Project members are welcome to launch other working groups focusing on a particular “Geneva global health process” where civil society engagement is not yet properly set up. G2H2 can provide you a protected communication platform (mainly: dedicated G2H2 listserv) and working environment and help you promoting the group.

Interested? Please get in touch with the secretariat

Become a member!

If you want to become a co-owner of the project, join us as a G2H2 association member. Membership is open for public interest civil society entities working at an international, regional, or national level, sharing the values and aims of the G2H2, being able to actively participate in the hub, and contributing to its sustainability, notably through regular payment of membership dues. Since 2018, membership is also open for interested individuals.


Support the project

G2H2 is a not-for-profit and non-governmental association owned by its members and keen to maintain its financial and political independence and integrity. This will allow the association to fulfil its mandate without being influenced by vested interests. G2H2 accepts funding that does not compromise its vision, mission and core principles and does not restrict its ability to address relevant issues freely, thoroughly and objectively. Are you interested to contribute financially to our project? Learn more

Support the project

Promote the project

Help us to promote the project and project membership among civil society organizations and individuals that might be interested to join. Please refer to our website or collect promotional material at our office.

How can you help us?

The Geneva Global Health Hub is a civil society initiative that relies on the commitment and engagement of its members – and on the support and input provided by all who like the project.