G2H2 Annual Report 2017

“At a strategy meeting held in Geneva in January 2015, civil society organizations discussed the need for more continuity in their exchanges on global health. In addition to meeting twice a year around the meetings of the WHO governing bodies, there was a wish to have a platform for continuous cooperation, exchange of knowledge and strategy development. After a period of consultations and planning, the Geneva Global Health Hub (G2H2 or “the Hub”) was formally launched and established as an association under Swiss law at its Constitutive Assembly held on 21 May 2016 in Geneva.

This year, the Hub celebrates its second anniversary. We are proud of the Hub’s accomplishments over this short period of time, and as the current President, I am happy to present this second annual report. The Hub is first and foremost a member-based association and the participation of its active Members is key to its results. Therefore I heartily thank all our Members for making the Hub a lively and inspiring platform.”

(Andreas Wulf, G2H2 President)

The second Annual Report of the Geneva Global Health Hub can be downloaded here.