WHO online consultation with non-State actors on their participation in WHO governance (Deadline: 15 September 2019)

As a service to G2H2 members and other civil society organizations engaged with the World Health Organization, we draw your attention to a current online consultation published on the WHO website as follows:

“At its 145th meeting, after discussions on the document EB 145/4 “WHO governance reform processes: Involvement of non-State actors”, the WHO Executive Board requested a web consultation with non-State actors to be organized to hear their views and proposals regarding their participation in WHO governing bodies and organization of an informal meeting.

As part of the WHO reform processes, including the transformation agenda, the Member States are seeking ways to stimulate the participation of non-State actors in official relations in governing bodies’ meetings and exploring the idea of organizing a separate informal meeting to provide an opportunity for Member States and non-State actors for a more structured interaction before the governing body sessions. To recall, the Executive Board at is 144th session requested the Director-General “to elaborate a report and make recommendations to be submitted to the 145th session of the Executive Board”.

This survey responds to the request by the Executive Board, and provides an opportunity for non-State actors, including entities in official relations, to share their views, comments and suggestions on how to stimulate non-State actors’ involvement into WHO’s governance.

As a non-State actor working to advance the implementation of WHO’s activities and in particular the WHO 13th General Programme of Work, you are welcome to participate in this survey. Each participating non-State actor is invited to complete the survey once. The deadline for participation is 15 September 2019.

Please click on the following link to access the survey:  Web consultation with non-State actors on WHO governance

The results of the consultation will be published on WHO website and in a report to be presented for the consideration of Member States during the 146th session of the Executive Board in February 2020.

Source: WHO website. For any enquiries related to the current consultation, please get in touch with the WHO secretariat

Find here a civil society assessment of the WHO Document EB 145/4 to which the consultation refers.
The G2H2 working group on WHO and global health governance and financing follows this process closely.