3 March 2020 @ 10:30 – 12:00
Centre International de Conférences
9-11 Rue de Varembé

Event to discuss the AMR Industry Alliance’s 2020 Progress Report

Guests speakers:

  • Peter Beyer, Senior Advisor and Team Lead, AMR Division, WHO
  • Cecilia Ferreyra, AMR Medical Officer, FIND
  • Others to be confirmed

AMR Industry Alliance speakers:

  • Thomas Cueni, Chair of the AMR Industry Alliance and Director General of IFPMA
  • Alba Tiley, Generic Subsector Representative, AMR Industry Alliance
  • Gregory Frank, Biotech Subsector Representative, AMR Industry Alliance


Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) contributes to more than 700,000 deaths annually with the WHO estimating this figure to rise to 10 million by 2050 and cost $100 trillion to the global economy. There are significant contributions that individual organizations can make to fight AMR, and the life sciences industry has a role to play as part of a global collective to manage the threat.

The AMR Industry Alliance brings together more than 100 biotech, diagnostics, generics and biopharmaceutical companies and trade associations to contribute sustainable solutions to curb the global AMR problem by creating a broad industry momentum and facilitating collaboration between the public and private sectors. The Alliance works towards tackling AMR in the areas of research and science, access, appropriate use, and environmental manufacturing.

To provide a unique snapshot of the life sciences industry’s collective efforts and leadership in delivering on their global commitments and action to tackle this rise of antimicrobial resistance, the AMR Industry Alliance published its 2020 Progress Report in January this year. Positive results included sustained investment in early R&D and diagnostics for AMR-related products (including antibiotics, antifungals and vaccines) and making major strides in responsible manufacturing of antibiotics. However, low levels of investment for later and more costly stages of R&D for AMR-related products may mean that many promising early-stage compounds will never reach patients unless new mechanisms and incentives for antibiotic development are put in place.

Following the launch of the report, the Alliance is hosting an event where findings of the report will be discussed with the wider AMR global health community.

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Source: E-mail communication