Members and Membership

The Geneva Global Health Hub (G2H2) is set up as a membership based association. We want to provide a space and enable civil society to meet, share knowledge and create initiatives to advocate for more democratic global health governance. The values that guide and drive the work of G2H2 are belief in democracy with equity in diversity; dignity; accountability and transparency; and ethics and justice. Join us!

According to the statutes of the G2H2 Association (article 5) membership shall comprise public interest civil society entities working at an international, regional, or national level who share the values and aims of the G2H2 and are able to actively participate in the hub and contribute to its sustainability, notably through regular payment of membership dues.

G2H2 members are expected to pay a standard membership fee of 500 CHF/year or a reduced (minimal) fee of 100 CHF/year, by self-declaration according to their financial capacities. All members are called to add voluntary contributions in cash or kind, according to their capacities.

Download: G2H2 Membership form