WHA Today: Outlook to the 77th World Health Assembly

Secpmd intersessional check-in on 23 April 2023

Dear all

After the series of “EB TODAY” civil society meetings related to the 154th Session of the WHO Executive Board and a well-attended and lively first intersessional civil society check-in meeting on 20 March, join us again on 23 April 2024 to jointly look ahead to the 77th World Health Assembly.

  • Access to WHA77 and working conditions for civil society
  • The agenda of WHA77 and what is behind it
  • Civil society assessments and input: Sharing and strateging
  • Networking (access, side event, and more)

Join us, and bring along your input and your questions and calls!

Best regards
Jyotsna and Thomas, for the team

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    Register once to attend any of the occurrences
  • Online working document set up for WHA Today and EB Today, with archives
    Be aware that, through the link on this page, this is a public document.


  • EB Today in January, during the main annual session of the WHO Executive Board
  • WHA Today in May, during the World Health Assembly
  • Review sessions and intersessional check-in meetings as needed


People’s Health Movement (PHM)
Medicus Mundi International Network (MMI)
Geneva Global Health Hub (G2H2)