WHA TODAY during the 77th World Health Assembly

Daily civil society lounge, 13.30 hrs CEST
Monday 27 May to Saturday 1 June 2024

Dear all

After three intersessional check-in meetings on 20 March, 23 April and 14 May, we invite civil society colleagues to come together during the 77th World Health Assembly in the informal civil society lounge convened by G2H2, PHM and MMI daily between the morning and afternoon sessions of WHA77.

In the traditional setup of WHA TODAY, a Zoom room accessible for those who are in Geneva and those following the WHA deliberations remotely, you will have the opportunity to hear the stories of the day(s) and civil society assessments of what is going on at WHA77 and what needs our attention. Join us, and bring along your stories and assessments, and your questions and calls to colleagues to engage in joint last-minute advocacy! You might also follow us via annotations of the working document (see below).

See you there! Best regards
Jyotsna, Nicoleta and Thomas, for the team

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    Register once to attend any of the occurrences
  • Online working document set up for WHA Today and EB Today, with archives
    Be aware that, through the link on this page, this is a public document.


  • EB Today in January, during the main annual session of the WHO Executive Board
  • WHA Today in May, during the World Health Assembly
  • Review sessions and intersessional check-in meetings as needed


People’s Health Movement (PHM)
Medicus Mundi International Network (MMI)
Geneva Global Health Hub (G2H2)