WHA Today and EB Today: Daily civil society lounge
during the governing body meetings of the WHO

Dear civil society colleagues,

During the governing body meetings of the World Health Organization, the People’s Health Movement (PHM), the Medicus Mundi International Network (MMI) and the Geneva Global Health Hub (G2H2) jointly host a daily civil society lounge:

  • EB Today in January, during the main annual session of the WHO Executive Board
  • WHA Today in May, during the World Health Assembly
    with intersessional check-in meetings as needed

Register for WHA Today and EB Today: here (Zoom meeting registration)
Register once to attend any of the occurrences

Online working document set up for WHA Today and EB Today, with archives
Be aware that, through the link on this page, this is a public document.

See you again in/before January 2023!
Best regards,

People’s Health Movement (PHM)
Medicus Mundi International – Network Health for All (MMI)
Geneva Global Health Hub (G2H2)