G2H2 Annual Report 2018

Dear Members and Friends,

Another successful year with the Geneva Global Health Hub lies behind us! I want to thank all members and friends, and our Executive Secretary, Thomas Schwarz for the unwavering commitment and enthusiasm that makes the Hub a vibrant and increasingly recognized place for civil society to meet, plan and strategize regarding our involvement in global health policy.

2018 saw two significant global health celebrations: The World Health Organization turned 70, and it was the 40th anniversary of the Alma-Ata Declaration on Primary Health Care. G2H2 members participated actively in the preparations for both celebrations, as well as in all the associated meetings, assemblies, and events. We reminded WHO and all the global health players that “Health for All” still has a long way to go. The social, political and economic determinants of health that were at the core of the visionary Alma Ata Declaration appear to have been forgotten, and so has the Alma-Ata call for a “new international economic order”.

Besides its ongoing work, the Hub clarified its mandate through internal discussions and development of the new biannual 2019-20 work plan. The G2H2 Steering Committee held a series of open discussions, and a new working group on WHO and global health governance and financing was initiated. Focusing on an issue that is at the roots and core of G2H2 and has brought us together, that working group will also explore options of moving beyond the role of being an advocacy facilitator towards a more active engagement in advocacy. We are happy to deepen these discussions during the Annual General Meeting planned for May 2019 when the Steering Committee will present the work plan for discussion and approval.

Finally, in 2018 we welcomed some new members to the G2H2. Steady growth increases our credibility as a relevant civil society space, and provides the necessary funding, for the time being at least, to maintain our independence and continue our ongoing work. I encourage all members of G2H2 to think of potential new members of the Hub and invite them to join our efforts. Only then can the Hub look forward to a sustainable future as a vibrant space and discussion forum for civil society involvement in global health.

Andreas Wulf

The second Annual Report of the Geneva Global Health Hub can be downloaded here:
G2H2 Annual Report 2018 online version