WHO member states

The 194 Member States are the “owners” of the World Health Organization. They meet once a year in the World Health Assembly is the supreme decision-making body for WHO. The main function of the World Health Assembly to determine the policies of the Organization. Most WHO Member States are represented in Geneva through particular staff at their UN missions.

Permanent Missions to the United Nations Office in Geneva

“Permanent missions of the Member States that comprise the United Nations are established to organize and coordinate their participation in the work of the Organization. The United Nations is currently made up of 193 Member States, of which 176 permanent missions are accredited to United Nations Office at Geneva. Non-member States (2 presently in Geneva), intergovernmental organizations and other entities (15 presently in Geneva), may also be invited to participate as observers in the work of the United Nations, and as such may maintain a presence in Geneva to this end.” (Source: UN Office in Geneva)

  • List of Permanent missions (Website of the UN Office in Geneva)
    The overview pages leads to profiles of the 176 Permanent Missions, providing, when available, the address, an overall e-mail contact and a link to the Mission’s website. Only few of these websites provide clear and updated information about who is in charge of  health issues and the relations with WHO (often a Health Attaché).
  • Blue Book (pdf)
    The publication entitled “Missions permanentes auprès des Nations Unies à Genève” (in French only), also known as the “Blue Book”, is updated on a regular basis by the Protocol and Liaison Service of the United Nations Office at Geneva with the kind cooperation of the permanent missions and permanent observer offices.