Geneva processes (G2H2 action alerts)

We invite G2H2 project members and other civil society experts to provide introductions into key Geneva global health processes that need our attention, explaining its relevance and background and interlinkages, but also showing entry points for civil society engagement. These initial blogs will hopefully lead to a vivid interaction. If you have a proposal for a “Watch this!” blog, please get in touch with our team of editors.

G2H2 “Watch this” blogs (action alerts)
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Geneva consultations

Key global health processes taking place in Geneva or related to a Geneva based institution –  and needing your attention.


Geneva events and news

We invite G2H2 members and all Geneva based institutions involved in global health to share via the G2H2 website and communication tools news and updates on meetings and events, but also institutional news and new resources. Events will be published in our calendar, and all news and updates will be broadly promoted via our Twitter feed.

Geneva events
Geneva updates: G2H2 on Twitter
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Geneva global health institutions

We intend to map Geneva global health institutions and their key contacts for civil society advocacy at the three levels covered by the project: (1) the World Health Organization, member’s country missions in Geneva and their regional and thematic structures; (2) key (multilateral) institutions and global health initiatives that have a mandate in global health; (3) organizations in other sectors with implications for the health sector  such as the ILO, WTO and WIPO. To make a start and find out what our members and partners need, please send us your particular enquiries, and we will try to help you to identify the right contact/entry point.

Geneva institutions (under construction)
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Watch this!

We provide updates and analysis on Geneva global health institutions, processes, consultations and events that require civil society attention.