Office space at the G2H2 secretariat

Are you travelling to Geneva for a meeting or consultation and in search of a quiet office space? G2H2 members are welcome to join us for a day or two at the G2H2 secretariat at the Route de Ferney, close to the WHO headquarters and many other Geneva global health institutions and easy to reach from the Geneva airport and railway stations.

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Meeting rooms in Geneva

Do you plan a formal or informal civil society meeting in Geneva? We will try to help you booking a room in the building where the G2H2 secretariat is located (Route de Ferney 15) or we can indicate you where to look for decent, low-cost meeting rooms.

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Virtual work spaces

Are you a civil society team struggling with getting organized in the development of a joint statement, an advocacy campaign, or a meeting? We intend to provide G2H2 members and their civil society partners with a safe working environment to jointly draft documents, have online meetings and chats and more. Tell us what you need, and we will develop this G2H2 service together with you!

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Travel support for attending Geneva meetings and consultations

Do you intend to participate in a consultation or governing body meeting of Geneva global health institution? We are currently developing a proposal for a civil society travel fund.

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Geneva welcome services for NGOs

In our services to G2H2 members visiting Geneva we do not want nor need to re-invent the wheel. There are well established “welcome structures” for NGOs on which we intend to rely ourselves and which are directly accessible.

International Geneva: Services for NGOs

“International Geneva provides comprehensive information about its news, agenda, activities and key players. It also provides useful information about the services available to International Organizations, NGOs, Permanent Missions and their staff. This website is led by the International Geneva Bureau, attached to the Presidential Department of the Republic and State of Geneva. It forms part of the State of Geneva’s efforts to support and promote international Geneva.”

Geneva Welcome Centre (CAGI): NGO Service

“The NGO Service assists those international non-governmental organisations (NGO) already based in Geneva as well as those interested in establishing an office in the region. It provides information, guidance and support. The Service works in collaboration with the United Nations, the Swiss Confederation, the city of Geneva, and any other stakeholder involved in the participation of civil society in the discussions and activities of International Geneva.”

UN Office at Geneva: NGO Liaison Unit

“Located within the Office of the Director-General, the NGO Liaison Unit is the focal point for matters relating to relations between the United Nations and NGOs. The Office maintains liaison with non-governmental organizations in consultative status with the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations (ECOSOC) and facilitates their participation in United Nations activities.”

How can we help you?

Both this page and our related services are under construction. We hope that we will soon be available to provide information and guidance about services offered by the Geneva Global Health Hub to its members and to other civil society organizations engaged in global health.