WHO/Unicef Consultation: Operational Framework for Primary Health Care (Deadline: 31 December 2018)

To complement their publication “A vision for primary health care in the 21st century” (see here), WHO and UNICEF published, on the page “background documents” for the Astana Global Conference on Primary Health Care, a draft “Operational Framework” (see here) “for wide consultation”.

“The global commitment to PHC in the Astana Declaration needs to be transformed into visible actions to bring about demonstrable change. For this to happen the accompanying document – A Vision for Primary Health Care in the 21st Century – has proposed a set of levers that would help countries make progress across the three components of PHC. These levers address key elements of the health system that can be used to accelerate progress on PHC. The levers are separated into ones that primarily function at the policy level and ones that primarily function at the operational level, although the two levels are interdependent and most levers have elements that are policy and elements that are operational.” (quoted from introduction to Operational Framework”

Comments on the operational framework can be submitted here:
Deadline = 31 December 2018
We accidentally stumbled over this consultation, thanks to a recent Tweet by a WHO staff, wondering why it is has not been properly promoted by WHO.

Searching for background information about this consultation, we found a “facilitation guide” for civil society published by PAI: “Civil society representatives have important insights to contribute to ‘Primary health care: transforming vision into action’, the Draft Operational Framework prepared for the Global Conference on Primary Health Care. This facilitation guide offers an overview and suggestions for participating in this consultation.” Download the facilitation guide here.