WHO consultation on a set of discussion papers informing the report of the Interagency Coordination Group on AMR to the UN Secretary-General (Deadline: 31 August)

The call below is quoted from the WHO website (version accessed on 16 August 2018), as a service to G2H2 members and partners. For any enquiries, please refer to the WHO Secretariat.

“The September 2016 Political Declaration of the High-level Meeting on Antimicrobial Resistance (Resolution A/RES/71/3) called for the establishment of the Interagency Coordination Group on Antimicrobial Resistance (IACG), in consultation with the World Health Organization (WHO), the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). The IACG’s mandate is to provide practical guidance for approaches needed to ensure sustained effective global action to address antimicrobial resistance; and to report back to the UN Secretary-General in 2019. This includes making recommendations on how to better coordinate action across sectors and countries, as well as serving as a vehicle for building political momentum and future governance, and mobilising a broad base of stakeholders. The IACG is made up of representatives from the major UN and multi-sectoral agencies and a similar number of individual experts. More information on the IACG is available here.

The IACG over the last year has taken forward work on critical issues through analysis and deliberation, with the aim of informing the main report to the UN Secretary-General. The following areas were looked into in further detail: public awareness, behaviour change, and communication; National Action Plans; optimize use of antimicrobials; innovation, research, and development, and improved access; surveillance and monitoring; and global governance post IACG and alignment with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The IACG Secretariat, on behalf of the IACG, is now launching a web-based consultation to solicit feedback on the discussion papers prepared by the IACG of their work to date. The IACG welcomes input by all interested stakeholders, including Member States, other United Nations organizations, nongovernmental and civil society organizations, private sector entities, philanthropic foundations, academic institutions and individuals.

Discussion papers

A second set of papers is available here. All feedback should be sent to iacg-secretariat@who.int at the earliest convenience but not later than 31 August 2018.

The consultation on the first set of papers below closed on 9 July 2018:

Please note the following guidelines when providing feedback:

  • Include the full name, title and affiliation (e.g. representing a Member State, or a particular organization, or on individual capacity) in the email feedback;
  • Include the title of the discussion paper on which you are submitting comments in the subject line of the email. We recommend one email feedback per discussion paper; and
  • It should be high level, action-orientated, precise and feasible feedback to the specific questions in each discussion paper, whenever applicable.

The IACG will give the highest level of consideration to all the comments it receives. It will not respond to individual comments directly, but the comments will be taken into consideration in drafting its final recommendations. However, the IACG may not be in a position to take feedback that does not contribute to its mandate or future deliberations.”

Source: WHO Website