UN High-Level Meeting on UHC in 2019: Draft UHC2030 Asks for multi-stakeholder consultation (Deadline: 10 March 2019)

“UHC2030 has been asked to support the preparatory process for the UN High-Level Meeting on UHC, particularly regarding “sharing evidence and good practices, challenges and lessons learned”. Based on the experience with recent high-level events, UHC2030, as a multi-stakeholder platform in UHC, is expected to co-convene the multi-stakeholder hearing of UN HLM with the President of the General Assembly.  This will take place before the formal inter-governmental negotiations of the political declaration.

UHC2030 is developing a consolidated set of Asks to feed in to the political declaration and related advocacy materials. This is your chance to comment on early draft and help us to develop our Asks further, to influence the multi-stakeholder hearing, inter-governmental negotiations and interventions during UN HLM.

For the purposes of this consultation we define an “Ask” very broadly, to include both specific commitments and more general policy statements and principles to be reflected in the HLM outcome documents.<

Points of consultation and selection criteria

Before taking this online survey, please read the background information. The expected time to complete the survey is approximately 20 minutes.  You will be asked to: 1) comment on the draft UHC2030 Asks, 2) propose additional UHC issues or initiatives not currently reflected in Asks, 3) propose additional ‘stretch’ asks.

In your responses, please keep in mind the following criteria.  These were chosen, based on experience from previous UN HLMs, so that Asks promoted at the multi-stakeholder hearing have greatest chance of influencing the UN HLM outcomes.

  1. Highest Political Agenda: Does it need the ‘Head of States’ level political endorsement and member states consensus building through the UN negotiation process?
  2. Initiative Exists: Has the ask been supported by a track record of existing or emerging efforts (e.g. led by UHC2030 Signatories or Related Initiatives, or in other political/economic forums)? Think of it as a political translation of the existing global initiative or strategy.
  3. Reference Exists: Are there agreed targets or text that have been through the UNGA member states consensus process? Adoption or improvement of existing approaches/language (previously supported in  UN declarations or resolutions) is most likely to be acceptable in the UN HLM negotiations.”

Source and survey: Survey Monkey
Background information: UHC 2030 website