13 October 2018 – 20 October 2018 all-day
Place des Nations and various venues

“The Global Campaign to Reclaim Peoples Sovereignty, Dismantle Corporate Power and Stop Impunity (Global Campaign) is a network of over 200 social movements, networks, organisations and affected communities resisting the land grabs, extractive mining, exploitative wages and environmental destruction of transnational corporations (TNCs) in different global regions, particularly Africa, Asia and Latin America. The Campaign is a peoples global structural response to unaccountable corporate power. It provides facilitation for dialogue, strategizing, exchanging information and experiences and acts as a space to make resistance visible and deepen solidarity and support for struggles against TNCs. At the same time the Campaign:


The Week of Peoples Mobilisation in Geneva (13 – 20 October 2018) coincides with the 4th Session of the Open-ended Intergovernmental Working Group mandated to develop a UN Binding Treaty on Transnational Corporations and other business enterprises with respect to Human Rights (OEIGWG). As in 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017 we are back in Geneva in order to continue pressuring governments to keep the process of building the Binding Treaty and moving forward.


  • At the UN Square: we will launch the Week of Peoples Mobilisation jointly with representatives of the Global Inter-Parliamentary network, affected communities, movements, trade unions and other networks and organisations.  We will also organise Workshops under the Tent of the Global Campaign.
  • Inside the UN: as in other years, there will be coordinated participation inside the OEIGWG Plenary, where we will be seeking in particular testimonies of affected communities, both in Side Events and in focussed advocacy with governments.
  • In the city of Geneva: in coordination with the local University Students Union (Conférence Universitaire des Associations d’Etudiant/Es – CUAE), with local organisations and movements, we’ll co-organise a Public Event at the University of Geneva and participate in other activities.”


Source: Global Campaign

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