18 October 2017 @ 12:30 – 13:30
Maison de la Paix

“What are the ten conversations you can have for health? – With your daughter, your son, as a politician, in communities?
How do health communications affect health outcomes, and work with social and structural determinants of health?

Health conversations offer a platform for engaging communities in various issues impacting their health and well-being, often particularly those that remain difficult, or even a taboo, to discuss openly. Approaching conversations on topics such as HIV, disease prevention, gender equality and healthy diets through music and poetry creates space for information sharing and listening,  while fostering changing of opinions and encouraging actions.

Ten Conversations for Health is a collection of poems, music and community events used in Zimbabwe, South Africa and Geneva that can be used as a conversation starter between villagers, family members, parents and children, and even between citizens and their politicians and Ministers of Health.  Join us for a lunch-time recital of a sample of songs and poems from Ten Conversations for Health, followed by a conversation about the impact and role of community health conversations with the authors of the book

Poems by:
Albert NYATHI – Zimbabwean poet, musician and actor; Ambassador for Zimhealth

Daniel LOW-BEER – Writer and poet; Coordinator, Strategic Information and Planning Unit, HIV/AIDS Department, WHO

Music by:
Dereck MPOFU – Zimbabwean musician; Goodwill Ambassador for Environment, Zimbabwean Ministry of Environment

Michaela TOLD – Deputy Director and Executive Director, Global Health Centre, the Graduate Institute

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Source: Graduate Institute, Global Health Centre

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