WHO call to non-State actors in official relations (only): Submit proposals for side events to the 71th World Health Assembly (Deadline: 6 April 2018)

As one of the privileges of non-State actors in official relations with WHO (list: see here), they “have the possibility to apply for the organization of side events during the World Health Assembly, subject to conditions and without prejudice to side events organized by Member States, which are selected through a parallel and separate process.” (quoted from WHO website)

Recently, all non-State actors in Official Relations have received, via e-mail to their focal point, the WHO call to submit proposals for side-events during the upcoming 71st World Health Assembly. Deadline for applications is 6 April. The final schedule of accepted side-events will be published on the WHO webpage “ WHO’s engagement with non-State actors”. The list of side events organized by non-State actors in official relations during WHA70 is still available there.

This year, the call for WHA side events is limited to the topic of UHC: “The Director-General has decided that side-events be a part of the WHO 70th anniversary celebration and aligned to the theme of the World Health Assembly. In line with this, non-State actors seeking to host a side-event may kindly submit an application based on the theme: ‘Health for all: commit to universal health coverage.’ This may include topics such as access, equity, health system strengthening and health emergency. The international public health significance and relevance of the topic for a number of WHO regions should also be considered.” (quoted from WHO call)

Sources: WHO website (general information) and call for WHA71 received by the MMI Network
Enquiries: Thomas Schwarz, MMI Secretariat
See also: 71st World Health Assembly

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