Geneva meetings and events:
Global health and related sectors

​Open-ended intergovernmental working group on transnational corporations and other business enterprises with respect to human rights, 3rd Session (OHCHR)
Oct 23 – Oct 27 all-day

“At its 26th session, on 26 June 2014, the Human Rights Council adopted resolution 26/9 by which it decided “to establish an open-ended intergovernmental working group on transnational corporations and other business enterprises with respect to human rights, whose mandate shall be to elaborate an international legally binding instrument to regulate, in international human rights law, the activities of transnational corporations and other business enterprises.”

The Human Rights Council also decided that the first two sessions of the open-ended intergovernmental working group “shall be dedicated to conducting constructive deliberations on the content, scope, nature and form of the future international instrument.”

Following its first session, which was held from 6 to 10 July 2015, the open-ended intergovernmental working group presented its report to the Council at its thirty-first session (please see the report A/HRC/31/50).​

The second session took place from 24-28 October 2016 and the open-ended intergovernmental working group will present its report to the Council at its thirty-fourth session in March 2016.

The third session will take place from 23 to 27 October 2017.”

Source: OHCHR


UN Treaty on Transnational Corporations & Human Rights and other Business Enterprises: Week of People’s Mobilization (Dismantle Corporate Power)
Oct 23 – Oct 27 all-day
World Antibiotic Awareness Week (WHO)
Nov 13 – Nov 19 all-day

“Antibiotic resistance is an increasingly serious threat to global health and human development. It is rising to dangerously high levels in all parts of the world, compromising our ability to treat infectious diseases and putting people everywhere at risk.

World Antibiotic Awareness Week aims to increase awareness of this important issue and to encourage best practices among the public, health workers, farmers, food producers, veterinarians and policy makers to avoid the further emergence and spread of antibiotic resistance.

This year, World Antibiotic Awareness Week will be held from 13 to 19 November.

WHO is encouraging all Member States, health partners and students, and the public to join this campaign and help raise awareness of antibiotic resistance.

It is not too late to reduce the impact of antibiotic resistance and we all have a part to play in preserving the effectiveness of antibiotics.

Antibiotics are a precious resource—we need to handle them with care.”

Geneva WAAW events: not yet known
Source: WHO

2017 United Nations Forum on Business and Human Rights
Nov 27 – Nov 29 all-day

“The UN Forum is the world’s largest annual gathering on business and human rights with more than 2,000 participants from government, business, community groups and civil society, law firms, investor organisations, UN bodies, national human rights institutions, trade unions, academia and the media.

The 2017 Forum will have a major focus on the issue of access to remedy for business-related human rights impacts – the third pillar of the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights. In order to inform preparations, the Forum Secretariat is doing a mapping of ongoing research and projects linked to this topic. All stakeholders are encouraged to submit brief information about ongoing or planned research and projects for 2017-18 related to the issue of access to remedy in the context of business and human rights. The information should be submitted via this online form.”

Source: OHCHR website

Geneva Health Forum 2018
Apr 10 – Apr 12 all-day

“The Geneva Health Forum (GHF), a biennial event launched in 2006 and held in the Spring, combines plenary and parallel sessions attended by hundreds of participants, with a large international exhibition area.

Geneva University Hospitals (HUG) along with the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Geneva, and Swiss and International organizations committed to Global Health have joined their talents and resources to organize the Geneva Health Forum.

The GHF was established to link policy and practice, and addresses health issues through an integrative approach. It is known as the largest event in Europe gathering such a distinguished audience, composed of academic leaders, practitioners, policy makers, diplomats, representatives of donor agencies and healthcare providers.

Keynotes lectures and plenary sessions are given by international health leaders, and series of workshops, oral and poster sessions are held. These foster and nurture stimulating discussions on major global health issues. All plenary sessions as well as a track of parallel sessions are simultaneously translated in French and English. ghf_4_groupes The GHF also provides a platform for showcasing the international and humanitarian, practice and solution-oriented commitment of the participants, and gives a voice to those active in the frontlines of global health.

Geneva provides a unique opportunity to the leading global health organizations to meet with governmental delegations appointed by most countries through their permanent UN representations. Indeed, Geneva hosts major international organizations in charge of health and humanitarian action, influential foundations, NGOs and public-private partnership organizations in the field of global health.

The Lake Geneva area, often described as the “Health Valley”, presents a unique concentration of healthcare and academic institutions, and is blooming with many innovative biotech, medtech, and engineering start-ups as well as larger companies in the health sector.

The seventh edition of GHF, will take place from April 10-12, 2018 at the International Conference Center of Geneva (CICG).”

Source: GHF website
Theme 2018: Precision Global Health in the Digital Age
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