Geneva meetings and events:
Global health and related sectors

Geneva Health Forum postponed to 16-18 November
Nov 16 – Nov 18 all-day

“The overall goal of the Geneva Health Forum is to promote innovative practices that improve care access, especially in resource-poor settings. To achieve this goal, the Geneva Health Forum aims to:

  • give visibility to innovative field experiences;
  • establish a critical and constructive dialogue and promote collaborations between global health actors from different sectors including practitioners, academics, policy makers, civil society and the private sector;
  • promote interaction between actions in the field and health policy development (linking policy and practice). This applies both to guiding policies through best practices and to facilitating policy diffusion at the field level.”

GHF theme 2020: Improving access to health: learning from the field

Postponement to November: see GHF Official Statement 03.03.2020